To a Shoe

You ent never gunna wunna
Meet a shoe as good as me,
I’ve been passed down through generations,
From family to family.

I’m a Northants shoe, through and through:
Ket’rin’ tanned and bound,
Skived in N-town, buffed in Rushden,
I’m a shoe that’s been around.

I’ve been a roguish brogue,
A two-tone spat much sharper than any suit.
At one point during the Noughties,
I was a pair of Kinky Boots.

I’ve scaled the summit of Mount Everest,
I’ve marched soldiers out to war,
But it’s not the places I’ve been that counts,
It’s what I’ve done that matters more.
I gave this county much needed sole,

Not just something fancy for your feet,
I’ve stitched together communities
And I built these cobbled streets.
But you ent never gunna wunna

See a shoe as as good as me,
I’ll outlive every last clog and loafer
Just you wait and see.

But sometimes my longevity
Leads outsiders to enquire
Why every shoe made in this shire
Never quite seems to ever expire.

Well, I’ll let you in to my little secret
If you want the truth to be told:
I’ve had fourteen replacement uppers,
And sixteen replacement soles.

*commissioned by BBC Local Radio for National Poetry Day 2016

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